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Coordinate systems and coordinate transformations in air navigation tasks

UDC 621.391:621.396 BBK 39.57-5

Skrypnik O. N.

Main types of coordinate systems used for solving air navigation tasks that are connected with the provision of aeronautical flight control and landing are examined in the article. The main requirements for coordinate systems are given.

Local (orthogonal, cylindrical and spherical) coordinate systems were studied, their advantages and disadvantages as well as areas of their application were highlighted. Direct and backward coordinate transformations between the local coordinate systems were shown.

The author shows distinctive features of global coordinate systems application which are connected with choosing the Earth’s figure model and its mathematical description problems. Basic information about the global terrestrial ellipsoids and their parameters is presented. The need to shift to the global terrestrial ellipsoid and global reference systems is demonstrated. Basic information about the ITRS and ITRF is given. Differences in determining an object’s space coordinates in these reference systems are described. Differences in the areas of application of PZ-90 and SK-2011systems as well as their prototypes WGS-84 and NAD-83 are specified.

The author considers peculiarities of global geodesic and geospheric (great-circle) coordinate systems, their advantages and disadvantages. Direct and backward coordinate transitions for global coordinate systems as well as expressions that link geocentric and topocentric coordinate systems are illustrated.

Key words: coordinate system, geoid, global terrestrial ellipsoid, coordinate transformations, a local coordinate system, a geodetic coordinate system, air navigation.

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Jesus [Christ] as the main representative of the religious concept «Weihnachten»

UDC 81-119 BBK 81.2-3

Stepanenko V. A., Kuznetsova E. V.

The article is devoted to the study of the semantic field «Weihnachten» and the description of the main representative of the religious concept «Weihnachten», in whose name the confrontation between Catholicism and Protestantism has been reflected for centuries.

Key words: Jesus [Christus], Weihnachten, Jesuskind, Christuskind, Christkind. 

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The role of ecology of sound in musical education

UDC 372.878 BBK 28.081

Trubina Z. I.

The article tries to reveal the relationship between psycho-emotional state of people and the environment, as the condition of the human inner world is one of the reasons for the ecological changes in the environment.

The environment is not only the preservation of nature. The environment created by the culture of our ancestors and ourselves is not less important. Under the influence of sounds people can educate and adjust themselves to the environmentally friendly behaviour.

The American scientist J. T. Titon and the Russian researcher Eugene Nazaikinskii wrote about musical culture as an ecological system and the relationships of man as the subject of nature with it.

In many Russian cities there is a number of ways to join musical culture, to participate in solving common problems with the help of music ecology. These are children’s musical schools, art colleges, ensembles at the Philharmonic palaces that foster environmental consciousness of townspeople and improve their psycho-emotional and physical health through classical music.

Keywords: ecology of sound, environmental awareness, classical music.

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Complex assessment of sanitary and hygienic indicators of educational institutions and health condition of students

UDC 371 BBK 51.1(2)4 +

Igolnitsyna L. M., Novokshonova E. A.

The article presents research using a complex standardized approach in the assessment of both sanitary state of the educational institutions and the health of students. The essence of the method consists in obtaining a single dimension, i.e., a single conventional unit, allowing the integration of all these figures.

Keywords: Complex standardized approach, a single conventional unit, sanitary state of the educational institutions, health of students.

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Professional competence of the teacher in interacting with children

UDC 373.24(571.54) BBK 74.1 (2 Рос=Бур)

Malakhova G. I.

The article considers the problems of perfection of professional competences of teachers as the necessary condition of forming students’ personality and realizing the requirements of the professional standard “Teacher” of the Federal State Educational Standard of Secondary Education.

Keywords: modernization of education, professional competence, quality of education, interaction.

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The content and forms of education of moral culture in the work of the school museum

UDC 37.018.1 BBK 74.902

Visingiriev A. A.

The article reveals the contents and forms of educational work of the school museum, promoting moral education of students. It also highlights the stages of forming moral culture of students and examines the effectiveness of these activities.

Key words: museum; school; moral education; stages of identity formation.

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Automated information systems in the innovation activities of the university

UDC 378.1+004 BBK 74.04

Shusharin V. A., Skorobogatova M. V.

The article provides the solution for innovative development of the university on the basis of design and implementation of automated information systems.

Key words: information technology, automated information systems, informational support, educational processes, systems of decision support; automatic control system.

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Formation of the pedagogical position of the foreman of vocational training by means of literature

UDC 371.321 BBK 74.00

Savel’eva D. V.

Today a broader vision of the pedagogical activity of the foremen of vocational training (FVT) is forming. They are regarded as professionals who can change the world around for the better. In this article, the author focuses on the training in the system of secondary vocational education as a process of formation of subject experience of future professional activity.

Key words: foreman of vocational training, pedagogical position, professional activity, analysis of fiction, self-development.

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The potential of the Russian media texts in the development of sports culture among young people

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Dr. Alexander Knyazev, Dr. Elena Muryukina

The article describes the main forms of personal sports culture, use of mass media in motivation of students to do sports. Sports culture of a person reveals itself in the following forms: sports-pragmatic culture (pragmatic purposes); inhumane sports culture (inhumane values; the acceptability of any means to achieve victory); the sports and humanistic culture (positive value attitude of the individual to the sport from the perspective of the ideals and values of humanism). Today a big potential for the development of sports culture is in Russian media texts (film, television, press, Internet resources).

Key words: sports culture, forms, types, students, media texts, potential.

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The development of super-professional competencies as a condition of competitiveness of the future aviation professionals

UDC 378.147 BBK 74.58

Shutova T. A.

The article considers super-professional competencies which are in demand in modern labour market and in the aviation jobs of the future. The author defines the most demanded competences and proves the role of economic and managerial training in their formation. The article also shows that the importance of additional professional education lies in strengthening economic and managerial skills and competitiveness of engineering staff of aviation.

Key words: super-professional competences; competitiveness of a specialist; additional professional education; economic and managerial training.

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