Some notes on the Leipzig–Jakarta list of the Crimean Tatar language*

UDC 811.51 BBK 81.2-03

Novgorodov I. N., Efremov N. N., Gainutdinova A. F., Ishkildina L. K.

Abstract: Background. This article is about the Leipzig–Jakarta list of the language of the Crimean Tatars. Authors come to a conclusion that the Crimean Tatar language is more similar to the Oghuz Turkic languages according to the Leipzig–Jakarta list than the Kipchak languages.

Materials and Methods. Research materials are the most resistant words (the Leipzig–Jakarta list) of the Turkic languages. The most resistant words were written out of the dictionaries of the Turkic languages. In this survey, the comparative method is used as the main method.

Results. Words of the Leipzig–Jakarta list of Crimean Tatar in comparison with the Oghuz and Kipchak languages are revealed.

Discussions. Previously, the Crimean Tatar language was considered to have belonged to the Kipchak group of the Turkic languages that also included the Tatar, Bashkir and other languages. Authors disagree with this statement and consider the Crimean Tatar language to be more similar to the Oghuz languages than the Kipchak ones.

Keywords: language, the Leipzig-Jakarta list, Crimean Tatar, Oghuz, Kipchak.

*A research was prepared at North-Eastern Federal University within the framework of the project № 14-04-00346 on “The Leipzig-Jakarta list of the Turkic languages” theme supported by the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation.

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