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Organizational-pedagogical conditions of readiness of teachers in rural schools of Kyrgyzstan to implement the state educational standards of new generation

UDK 372.853. (575.2)(043.3) BBK 74.04(3)

Kurmankulov Sh. Zh.

Joroev A. K.

The article presents important organizational and pedagogical conditions (necessary and sufficient), providing a stable reform of the secondary general education system in Kyrgyzstan. The author uses the competence-based approach to the consideration of pedagogical phenomena, reveals the specificity of both innovative activity and readiness of a rural school teacher. A brief review of the current state of secondary general education system in Kyrgyzstan is given.

Key words: innovation, new paradigm, educational standard, competence, concept, technology of education, educational base, educational environment, traditional lesson, factors.

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Joroev Avtandil Kemelovich


Place of work: Talas State University, Talas, Kyrgyzstan

Post: Senior lecturer Department of Technology of technical processes, Faculty of Technology and Economics, Talas State University, Kyrgyz Republic

Scientific major: General pedagogic, history of Mathematics in Kyrgyzstan

Important publications:

  1. Zhoroev A. K. Kyrgyzstandagy matematikalyk zhogorku bilimdin zhana iliminin tuptolushu / A. Aliev, A. K. Zhoroev. // Mahmud Kashkari Barskani atyndagy chygysh universitetinin Zharchysy. Bishkek. 2009. №1 (10). Pp.54-58.
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  3. Zhoroev A. K. Zhany muundagy standarttyn talabyna ylajyk okutuunun zaryl zhana zhetishtuu sharttary / Sh. Zh. Kurmankulov, A. K. Zhoroev // Nauka, novye tehnologii i innovacii Kyrgyzstana. Bishkek. 2018.  №1. Pp. 184-188.


Analysis of the existing networks of operational communication system and their efficient development based on ip technology

UDK 654.02  BBK 39.278

Halikov A. A.

Urakov O. Kh.

The article discusses the existing networks of operational communication system using IP technology and analyzes the efficiency of their use in railway transport, in the Joint Stock Company Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (UTY JSC). In addition, conceptual fundamentals of IP – telephony technology are presented on the development of efficient methods for transmitting data using digital communication systems of on-line dispatcher control, ensuring the continuity of the process of controlling the movement of railway transport.

Keywords: research, result, railway, IP-technologies, operational communication system, dispatch communication.

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Halikov Abdulhak Abdulkhairovich


Place of work: Institute of Railway Engineers, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic status:   Professor

Post: Chairholder, Chair of automation and telemechanics in railway transport

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  05.13.05- elements and devices of computing equipment and control systems

Scientific major: multi-stable elements, control systems, communications in railway transport

Important publications:

  1. Halikov A. A. Models of servise calls in the railway networks / A. A. Halikov, O. A. Mirsagdiev // European science revive. № 9-10.  Pp. 116-120.
  2. Halikov A. A. Sushhestvujushhie problemy i perspektivy razvitija poezdnoj radiosvjazi v zheleznodorozhnom tonnele «Kamchik» / A. A. Halikov, O. H. Urakov // Materialy v sbornike trudov konferencii serii: «International scientific review». Boston. USA. 2018. №11 (53). November. S. 24-28.
  3. Halikov A. A. The tasks of organizing and managing the integrated digital network of operational and technological communication based on PIC-D devices at the Angren-Pap railway sections/ A. Halikov, O. X. Urakov // European science review. 2018. № 9-10. September-Oktober. Volume 1.  Pp.. 220-227.
  4. Halikov A. A. Teorija edinogo prostranstvennogo jelektromagnitnogo polja, osnovy obezzarazhivanija, obessolivanija i ochistki vody / A. A. Halikov, O.A. Ibragimova, K.A. Musamedova //  Nauka v sovremennom mire. № 9. S. 28-31.
  5. Halikov A. A. Obezzarazhivanie vody prostranstvennym jelektromagnitnym polem / A. A.  Halikov, O. A. Ibragimova // Jenergosberezhenie i vodopodgotovka. 2017. №2 (106). S. 14-18.


On methodological approaches to social and cultural projection

UDK 379.8 BBK 77.0

Babayan A. V.

The paper is devoted to the characterization of methodological approaches to social and cultural projection. The definitions, essence and features of the terms “project”, “projection”, “social and cultural design” are revealed. Such methodological approaches to social and cultural projection such as systems, activity, situational, problem (forecast), object-oriented and subject-oriented, anthropological, axiological approaches, the principle of determinism and complementarity are revealed.

Keywords: social and cultural sphere, project, projection, social and cultural projection, methodological approaches, methodological principles.

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Babayan Anzhela Vladislavovna


Place of work: Pyatigorsk State University, Pyatigorsk, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences

Academic status: Professor of the Department of Pedagogy

Position: Professor of the Department of Creative and Innovative  Management and Law

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  13.00.01 – general pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education

Scientific major: theory and history of Russian education, theory and practice of social and cultural activities

Important publications:

  1. Babayan A. V. Koncepciya nravstvennogo vospitaniya K.Gyuncburga / A.V. Babayan // European Social Science Journal. 2016. №1. S. 142-151.
  2. Babayan A. V. Teoriya nravstvennogo vospitaniya Z. K. Stolicy (konec HIH – nachalo HKH veka) / A. V. Babayan // Nauchno-metodicheskij zhurnal Koncept. 2016. №15. S. 2351-2355.
  3. Babayan A. V. Sem’ya v teorii nravstvennogo vospitaniya I.A.Il’ina / A.V. Babayan // European Social science Journal. 2016. №7. S. 91-95.
  4. Babayan A. V., Korzhevskaya E. N. Improvizaciya kak komponent pedagogicheskoj tekhniki / A. V. Babayan, E. N. Korzhevskaya // Sibirskij uchitel’. 2017. №3 (112). S. 64-67.
  5. Babayan A. V. Organizaciya vneauditornoj deyatel’nosti i dosuga uchashchihsya dorevolyucionnoj shkoly (vtoraya polovina HIH – nachalo HKH vv.) / A.V. Babayan // European Social science Journal. 2017. №1. S. 277-280.
  6. Social’no-kul’turnaya deyatel’nost’: teoreticheskie i tekhnologicheskie osnovy: kollektivnaya monografiya / Pod red. E.V. Efimovoj, A.V. Babayan. Pyatigorsk: PGU, 2019. 199 s.


Autumn school “Сritical understanding of history – the strengthening of democracy” in Germany

UDK 373.24 BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V.

The article presents the experience of participation of a Russian media pedagogue in the autumn school “Critical understanding of history – strengthening of democracy” organized by Moldova Institute Leipzig and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt). Participation in the autumn school allowed the author to realize a number of scientific interests: to identify current trends in the understanding of Holocaust issues by researchers from Germany, Colombia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia; to find out what media are used by teachers from different countries in the lessons on the Second world war; to expand knowledge and skills in understanding, interpreting historical facts of the Soviet past, including through the analysis of media content.

Key words: history, media content, textbooks, schoolchildren, historians.

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The french encyclopedia Le petit larousse des enfants de 0 a 3 ans as a social demanded genre

UDK 811.13 BBK 81.471.1

Filippova T. I.

The article is devoted to the encyclopedia Le petit Larousse des enfants de 0 à 3 ans, which was published by one of the most famous French publishing houses Librairie Larousse. The article describes the structure of this encyclopedia, also it highlights its sections and focuses on the analysis of the preface, given that there is information about the recipient and the key aim of establishment of this book.

Keywords: encyclopedia, Larousse, preface, parents, child.

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Analysis of ergonyms of women’s clothing stores in Kirov

UDK 811.161.1 BBK 81.006 K 592

Izotova V. A.

Korotkova A. V.

The paper explores the ergonyms of women’s clothing stores. The authors wonder what caused the choice of words when creating an ergonym, and how effective this choice is. The popularity of foreign ergonyms in this area of naming is noted. The attractiveness of collected ergonyms is verified by experiment (by polling the opinions of representatives of the youth audience). The conclusion is made about the popularity of ergonyms-transliterated Russian words and names of foreign origin in the youth environment, not any, but the most understandable ones that do not require in-depth knowledge of source languages.

Key words: ergonyms, transliterated ergonyms, lingual creative means.

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