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Fostering conscious discipline among students in the process of implementing additional general development dance education program “School of modern dance “Edelweiss”»

УДК 37 ББК 74.200.5

N.P. Filatova

The activity of the school of modern dance “Edelweiss” is represented by three workshops:  “Choreographic art”, “Modern dance”, “Children’s pop dance” and is aimed at achieving personal, metasubject, substantive results. The article presents the criteria and a set of methods for the study of the level of adoption of conscious discipline of students in the implementation of additional general development program on choreography “School of modern dance “Edelweiss”.

Keywords: school of modern dance, choreography classes, additional education, personal results, discipline, conscious discipline, fostering of conscious discipline, additional general development program.

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The role of ecology of sound in musical education

UDC 372.878 BBK 28.081

Trubina Z. I.

The article tries to reveal the relationship between psycho-emotional state of people and the environment, as the condition of the human inner world is one of the reasons for the ecological changes in the environment.

The environment is not only the preservation of nature. The environment created by the culture of our ancestors and ourselves is not less important. Under the influence of sounds people can educate and adjust themselves to the environmentally friendly behaviour.

The American scientist J. T. Titon and the Russian researcher Eugene Nazaikinskii wrote about musical culture as an ecological system and the relationships of man as the subject of nature with it.

In many Russian cities there is a number of ways to join musical culture, to participate in solving common problems with the help of music ecology. These are children’s musical schools, art colleges, ensembles at the Philharmonic palaces that foster environmental consciousness of townspeople and improve their psycho-emotional and physical health through classical music.

Keywords: ecology of sound, environmental awareness, classical music.

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The content and forms of education of moral culture in the work of the school museum

UDC 37.018.1 BBK 74.902

Visingiriev A. A.

The article reveals the contents and forms of educational work of the school museum, promoting moral education of students. It also highlights the stages of forming moral culture of students and examines the effectiveness of these activities.

Key words: museum; school; moral education; stages of identity formation.

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The theory of moral education of schoolchildren

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V., Bubnova Yu. A.

The article describes the basic theory of moral education presented in Russian and Western science; levels and components of moral development; factors influencing the effectiveness of schoolchildren’s moral education. We have studied the well-known theory of moral development offered by L. Kohlberg. V. A. Sukhomlinsky believed that the main purpose of the pedagogical process is the comprehensive development of schoolchildren’s personality, where the development of moral sphere is the primary and essential factor. Moral education, according to I. F. Kharlamov, is effective when you include schoolchildren in a variety of activities.

Key words: moral development; theories; L. Kohlberg; I. F. Kharlamov, V. A. Sukhomlinsky; levels; schoolchildren; moral qualities.

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The role of modern family in the formation of personality

UDC 37.018.1 BBK 74.902

Ayrapetova V. V.

The article deals with the role of the modern family in the formation of personality. It highlights the main directions to solve the problem of optimization of family relations. It characterizes the role of a tradition in the process of family education.

Key words: family; family education; formation of personality; traditions.

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Role of civil and patriotic education of students in multiethnic and multicultural environment of high school

UDC 371.11 BBK 74.24

Musinov P. A., Gavrilova T. G., Tabakayeva I. V.

The article deals with civil and patriotic education of the students in the conditions of multiethnic and multicultural environment of high school. It gives basic conceptual positions of this part of the educational work with the reference to the concrete high school.

Keywords: civil and patriotic education of students, the multiethnic and multicultural environment of high school, conceptual positions of civil-law education.


Spiritual potential as the basis for professional and pedagogical development of supervising teachers

UDC 37.012.8 BBK 74.00

Belykh T. V.

This article deals with the concept of a “spiritual potential” and asserts the appropriateness of its use as a testimonial of supervising teachers who are the main coordinators of the efforts of families, schools and society in educating young people.

Keywords: potential, spiritual potential, supervising teacher, educational process.

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Cultural values and personality formation

UDC 37.012.8 BBK 74.00

Belykh T. V.

The ideas about values are directly related to education because the content of education is based on realization of social programs that function in the system of values. Cultural values are the factor which determines the regulation of a person’s behavior. The article is devoted to the study of formative mechanisms of senior student’s valuable orientations.

Key words: valuable orientations, cultural values, value system, formation of personality

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Justification of the model of students’ civil activity formation in university education

UDC 37 BBK 74

Gribanova V. A.

The article deals with the justification of the model of students’ civil activity formation in university education. It gives goals, objectives, stages, levels, optimal tools, directions and forms of work that predict the most significant changes in student’s personality.

Keywords: civic activity; students; education; model.

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A moral example of a teacher as a bearer of peace and tolerance ideas

UDC 371.4 BBK 74

Beloborodova A. E.

The article considers the essence of a new principle of pupils’ moral development and upbringing – «a moral example of a teacher». The substantiation of a new axiological upbringing approach «pupils’ peacemaking upbringing» is given. Teacher’s preparedness for this approach realization is discussed.

Key words: tolerance, peaceableness, peacemaking, peace education, moral education, moral example of a teacher

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