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Academic training, job training and pre-diploma practice: the place and role in the training of the future specialists in land and property relations

UDC 377 BBK 74.560

Kozulina L. M.

In the article the author shares his experience of the practical training in the specialty 21.02.05 Land and Property Relations in the «Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction» (SBPEI «ICAT and RC»). 

The author convincingly proves that all types of practice are the most important component in the system of secondary vocational education.

Keywords: professional education, practical training, SBPEI «ICAT and RC», FSES, professional unit, professional competence, shared competence, academic training, job training, pre-diploma practice.

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The peculiarities of speaking teaching at foreign language (Italian language) lessons in the 9th form of the comprehensive school

UDC 372:[881.1] BBK 81.2:9

Zakharova A. A.

The article deals with the issues of speaking teaching of the pupils in the 9th form of the comprehensive school in Italian. The linguistic and extralinguistic features of the teaching of Italian language to the senior schoolchildren are described and their classification is compiled as well. The analysis of grammatical discrepancies between Russian and Italian languages is carried out.

Key words: Italian language, speaking teaching, linguistic features, extralinguistic features, senior school.

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Ebook as a form and product of the creative activity of the tandem «teacher-student (students)»

UDC 378.147 BBK 74.48

Pulyaevskaya A. M.Akopyan S. A.

The article considers the forms of electronic publications application for the organization of students’ self-study with texts. An overview of simple and accessible tools for creating books is offered.

Keywords: ebook; reading; Internet services; information technologies; children’s creative activity.

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Hermeneuticalysis of thrillers of English-speaking countries on the topic of schools and universities*

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57с

Gorbatkova O. I.

This article deals with hermeneutic analysis of thrillers of English-speaking countries on the topic of schools and universities. It analyzes the structure and methods of narrative, books, articles, reviews of Russian and foreign film authors in the historical, ideological and socio-cultural context. In the process of hermeneutical analysis of thrillers of English-speaking countries, the author concludes that the content of films is not directly related to the main political events, however, it is impossible to deny the reflection of socio-cultural, economic, educational problems. Modeling of cinematographic images of teachers and schoolchildren/students has undergone significant modification depending on the specific historical stage. There is an expressive contrast in the conceptual base of thrillers in the different decades. In the 1970s – 1980s most of the thrillers about school and student’s life included the violence, cruelty, inhumanity, sexual attraction. In the following decades, these areas do not lose relevance, but rather acquire new colors. The thrillers about schoolchildren and students are devoid of intellectual discussions, they are immersed in a love theme, sexual relations and intrigues, closely intertwined with criminal & immoral behavior. At the same time, it can be noted that in general, the energy of students is mainly directed, on the one hand, to entertainment, recreation, romantic relationships and sex, and on the other, to physical and psychological violence, bloody crimes, brutal murders and massacres, etc. The educational process in these media texts plays a secondary role.

Key words: hermeneutic analysis, cinema, film, USA, UK, media text, teacher, students.

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* Исследование выполнено за счёт финансовых средств гранта Российского научного фонда (РНФ, проект № 17-18-01001) в Ростовском государственном экономическом университете. Тема проекта: «Школа и вуз в зеркале советских, российских и западных аудиовизуальных медиатекстов». Руководитель проекта А. В. Федоров.


The impact of the internet on the communicative competence of the student

UDC 37 BBK 74.202.5

Savchenko I. V.

The article analyzes the impact of the Internet on the student’s communicative competence. It is emphasized that communicative competence becomes the main one in the modern information society, its variable component composition is considered.

Keywords: Internet, world network, communicative competence of the student, variable component structure, thinking, knowledge, communication.

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Application of theoretical and methodological approaches in educational work at technical institutions

UDC 378.18 BBK 74.58

Nurpiisova Ye. M.

The article refers to the effective forms of educational work at a technical institution. The author sought to understand Aleksandr Ivanovich Dulov’s pedagogical views directed on the analysis of pedagogical and methodical efforts containing educational and moral aspects.

Key words: Aleksandr Ivanovich Dulov, educational work at a higher educational institution, students’ free time, work on professional orientation, patriotic work.

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Senior high school students’ free time (comparative analysis)

UDC 316.346.32-053.6 BBK 60.5

Vishniakova A. A.

The article is presented the results of the research devoted to the study of senior high school students’ free time, its volume, content and structure.

Keywords: free time, young people, senior high school students, main forms of using free time, reading, internet, chat with friends.

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Monday begins on Saturday: methodologies of Soviet pedagogics oriented on the day after tomorrow

UDC 37.022 BBK 74.03(2)

Barbasheva L. Yu.

The article refers to the efficiency of methodological and methodical approaches developed by the Soviet pedagogical science, and in particular, the pedagogical experience of Aleksandr Ivanovich Dulov. The undoubted importance of A.I. Dulov’s theoretical and practical studies is in applying the structural method of presentation, on the example of pedagogics course, directed on the formation of a student’s competence and professionalism. The patterns of recommended sequence of activities developed by B. C. Badmaev are of interest.

Key words: Aleksandr Ivanovich Dulov, patterns in teaching of pedagogics, patterns of recommended sequence of activities in teaching of philosophy, students’ speaking activity.

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On the results of research of the problem of communication in professional activity and training specialists for it

UDC 651.51 BBK 74.58

Monzhiyevskaya V. V. 

The article presents the results of studies of communication problems in professional activity and training specialists for it by the staff of the East Siberian Center of problems of pedagogical science and education. Considering scientific approaches to the research, essential characteristics of communication in professional activity, the author defines business and professional communication as well as communicative competence.

Keywords: scientific approaches; business communication; professional communication; communicative competence.

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Alexander Ivanovich Dulov

UDC 371.485 BBK 74.03(2)

Zhukov K. S.

The article is dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the founder and the head of the East Siberian Laboratory of Problems of Moral Education at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor A. I. Dulov. The centenary of the prominent Soviet, Russian scientist, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor A.I. Dulov is an important milestone in the development of pedagogical theory and practice. This anniversary allows you to look back and see the grandiose accomplishments in the development of the national pedagogical science that laid the foundations of modern education in Russia.

Key words: A.I. Dulov, founder, Teacher, scientist, moral education, scientific works.

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