Akopyan Svetlana Arturovna

Email: NLA20151@yandex.ru

Education: Federal State Budget Higher Education Institution «Irkutsk State  University»,  Irkutsk, Russia

Status: Student

Main Scientific Fields: information technology in education, medialinguistics, phraseology in the cognitive aspect.

 The most important publications:

  1. Ryabova S.G. The transformation of phraseological units in the texts of journalism: a pragmatic aspect / S.G. Ryabova, S.A. Akopyan // “VELIE-KOE RUSSIAN WORD …”: materials of the XV regional scientific-practical conference. Irkutsk: IFYAM ISU, 2018. pp. 58-61.
  2. Pulyaevskaya A.M. Theoretical and practical issues of electronic manual development / A.M. Pulyaevskaya, S.A. Akopyan // Integration of theory, methodology and practice in modern sciences and education: materials of the final international scientific-practical conference for 2017 2018. Armavir: RIO ALSI. pp. 118-127.