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The study and interpretation of media texts in the practice of Russian and British media*

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57

Chelysheva I. V.

* Статья написана при финансовой поддержке гранта РГНФ «Стратегии современного британского медиаобразования и его влияние на российскую медиапедагогику», проект № 13-36-01001. Руководитель проекта – И. В. Челышева

This article analyzes the main trends and prospects of the analysis and interpretation of works of media culture. The author considers the main provisions of analyzing media texts that are typical of domestic and British media education.

Keywords: media and media culture, media education, the analysis of a media text, forms and methods of media education.

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Study of investment opportunities in the regional market of residential and commercial property (via examples of Irkutsk region)

UDC 339.94 BBK 65.012.4

Iamshikova I. V., Kazarina V. V.

In this paper, the current market research of commercial real estate is analyzed. We examined general patterns, socio-economic characteristics, especially the development of residential and commercial real estate in Irkutsk region.

Analysis of the current state of housing and commercial real estate in the city of Irkutsk is represented. The implementation of housing state programs of Irkutsk region in 2013-2014 is reviewed. We have proved the low investment attractiveness of the construction industry. We determined the direction of improving the existing mechanism to attract investors to the commercial real estate market, the mechanism for effective cooperation between government bodies and investors.

We have developed a classification analysis of nonresidential premises, which is represented in the work. The types of commercial real estate are classified. Opportunities to invest in items such as non-residential premises on the example of the Irkutsk region are considered.

Keywords: investment market, development of the market, commercial property market, classification of commercial property, model of investors’ interaction.

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Graphic interference

UDC 808.2 BBK 81.2Рус-я73

Kornev V. A.

The article is devoted to a complex psycholinguistic phenomenon, graphic interference, on the base of mistakes made by foreigners in writing Russian texts. The article can be used in the process of teaching the Russian language to foreign students.

Keywords: linguistic interference, graphic interference, the alphabet, grapheme, graphology.

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The professional pedagogical education in Belgium

UDC 37.013.74(493)(045) BBK 74.4(4Бел)

Orlova L. V.

The special features of the development of contemporary pedagogical education are revealed in this article. The structure and content of pedagogical education in Flemish and French Communities are compared.

Key words: pedagogical education; structure and content of pedagogical education; linguistic and cultural communities.

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Experience the synthesis of media criticism and media education in Finland

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V.

The article is devoted to the study of the synthesis of media criticism and media education in the learning process of pupils and students in Finland. We covered the history of the development of media criticism and media education, analyzed the basic functions, moves, types of media criticism. The publication presents the concept of leading media critics Finland, the main directions, forms, media education, synthesizing a media critic.

Keywords: media education; media criticism; synthesis; pupils; students; media literacy; media; Finland.

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Pedagogical support of social competence development of adolescents with gift-edness demonstration

UDC 378.147-056.45 BBK 74.57

Kazarina V. V.

The article presents the results of the research associated with the elaboration of pedagogical support model of social competence development of adolescents with giftedness demonstration, which is focused not so much on the development and detection of manifestations of giftedness in children and adolescents, as on the realization of their abilities in any activity. The relevance of this study is determined by the fact that the involvement of talented youth in social practice, their informing about potential development opportunities, support of the creative activity of gifted adolescents are defined as priority directions of the state youth policy in the Russian Federation. In General education the solution of these problems is associated with the development of social competence of adolescents with giftedness demonstration.

Key words: adolescents with giftedness demonstration; the social competence development; pedagogical support

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Mediated communication as means to form media competence of the secondary language personality

UDC 372.881.111.1 BBK 74.58:73

Khlyzova N. Ju.

В статье предпринята попытка теоретического рассмотрения возможностей опосредованного или медиатизированного общения в формировании медиакомпетентности вторичной языковой личности. Предложен принципиально новый подход к опосредованному общению на современном этапе информатизации общества, в котором описанный феномен выступает как средство медиаобразования и средство обучения иностранному языку.

Ключевые слова: опосредованное (медиатизированное) общение; медиакомпетентность вторичной языковой личности; медиаобразование; иностранный язык; средство обучения.

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Linguistic analysis of the literary text

UDC 82:81 BBK 83.3(2Рос=Рус)6+81.2Нем

Merkurjewa V. B.

This article provides a sample of linguistic analysis of the belleslettres style text. The relationship between the language and the content of the excerpt is presented.

Key words: belles-lettres style, settling difficulties, the speech portrait of a foreigner, the main idea, first-person narration, the antropocenters of a literary text.

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Agrobusiness-competence of the personality in rural territories of the Irkutsk region (to statement of the problem)

UDC 372.853(075.8) BBK 74.2

Tyksheeva S. C.

The article deals with the issue of agrobusiness competences of the personality according to the Concept of development of a continuous agrobusiness education in rural territories of the Irkutsk region for the period till 2020 approved by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Irkutsk region and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region of July 18, 2014 №85-мпр/61-мпр.

Key words: agrobusiness education, agrobusiness competence, continuous education, development of the village, education, training, educational standards, personal results, metasubject results, subject results.

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The formation of pupils’ media education in terms of federal state educational standards inplementation

UDC 373.1 BBK 74.2

Kodubets N. V.

The article deals with the problem of media education. It discusses the way of formation of pupils’ media competence in terms of Federal State Educational Standards implementation.

Кеу words: media, media education, information society, mass media, Federal State Educational Standards of the general education.

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