Lesson in a new format as an innovative means of training

UDC 371.4 BBK 74.2

Stefanovskaya T. A.

The author’s lesson conception is presented here. A new format is considered as ideology, the essence of which comes out through the system of conceptually proved ideas. The content of the lesson: a system of basic national values; a system of core concepts related to the spheres of knowledge and presented in a secondary school; a system of general training activities. Organization: a system of training aims, tasks and educational situations that are focused on the development of pupils personal qualities. Results of the lesson: personal, transdisciplinary, disciplinary.  Criteria and indices of the lesson in a new format as an innovative means of training have been determined.

Key words: The law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, Federal state educational standard of the general education, the fundamental core of the general education content, a new format of the lesson, training

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