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The implementation of an innovative approach to education in the Kyrgyz republic

UDK 372.853. (575.2)(043.3)  BBK 74.202.5

Sh. J. Kurmankulov

V. K. Beshkempirova

In this article the authors considered the features of innovative learning organization in the Kyrgyz Republic on the example of General secondary education. The innovative approach of learning carries new ways of interaction “teacher-student” in the training process, aims to improve the efficiency of the education.

Keywords: didactics, innovation, innovative approach, new paradigm, educational standard, learning technology, traditional learning, innovative learning.

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Internet technology opportunities in the formation of media competence of the secondary language personality in the process of learning a foreign language at college

UDC 377 BBK 74.5

L. V. Ermakova

The problem of the quality of foreign language education in the conditions of exponential development of digital media has always been the focus of Russian linguodidactics, theory and methods of teaching foreign languages. The article is devoted to the problem of foreign language education in secondary vocational education in the era of globalization, global cooperation and competition, technologization, information society, intercultural communication, as well as economic reforms in Russia. The author agrees with the point of view that the language of media combines elements of communication and impact and is considered as one of the main modern means of formation of media competence of the secondary linguistic personality capable to function fully in the mediatized society.

Key words: media competence, mediatized communication, mediatized society, foreign language communication, foreign language education, intercultural communication, language personality, secondary language personality.

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Protective inhibition of intellectual potential of students when learning new educational materials

UDC 372.853. (575.2)(043.3)  BBK 74.202.4

Sh. J. Kurmankulov

Т. Т. Tashtanbekova

The article considers changes and development of students’ intellectual potentials caused by learning new materials or knowledge. The authors prove that not all students can always learn any educational material because of the impediments retarding intellectual functioning of students for objective and subjective reasons.

Keyword: innovation, new paradigm, teaching technology, intellect, intellectual potential, mental energy, permanent knowledge, educational background, protective inhibition, reflection.

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Explicated social and teaching practices in educational activity of a technical university

UDK 378 BBK 74.58

L. Yu. Barbasheva

The article deals with the practice of implementing the network interaction in higher education. The article presents summarizing the experience of a technical university in creating an educational cluster and a scientific educational cluster with international participation.  The author proves the expediency of creating a local educational aviation cluster with the purpose of activating the development of modern intellectual professional aviation environment in Irkutsk.  

Keywords: network cooperation, cluster approach, higher educational establishment, educational cluster, scientific educational cluster with international participation, local educational aviation cluster.

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«New» education methods at private schools of Irkutsk in the early 20th century

BBK 74.57 UDK 373 (571.53) G 20

L. V. Garashchenko

The article deals with the educational practice of private schools that successfully operated in Irkutsk in the early XX century analyzing unique historical and pedagogical sources. It presents the experience of using «new» methods in work with children and adults. These methods stimulated cognitive activity, developed independence and creativity. It characterizes the initial theoretical positions on which the pedagogical system of separate schools of «new type» was built.

Keywords: history of education, private education, private school, educational process, training methods, cognitive activity development, Irkutsk.

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The use of the student-centered approach in teaching of the six-string guitar playing

UDC 371.13:37.026 BBK 24.200.58

A. S. Nikitin

This article proves the use of the student-centered approach in teaching of the six-string guitar playing in conditions of supplementary education. The author presents the experience of his work with student groups of different ages, according to their abilities and informs about results when the student-centered approach have been used.

 Keywords: student-centered approach, teaching, supplementary education, accord technics, student, student group, abilities

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Pecularities of person-centered approach to students support at the stage of adaptation in new educational environment

УДК 378 ББК 74.48

O. A. Molokova

The article deals with the necessity to consider students support at the stage of adaptation in the conditions of humanization of education based on humanistic psychological approaches. The most consistent and developed of these approaches in pedagogical practice is the person-centered approach which is able to act as the theoretical and practical basis of this kind of support. The article discusses the peculiarities of supporting students in terms of the person-centered approach in comparison with the traditional (pragmatic) approach.

Keywords: adaptation of students, person-centered approach, students support.

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Fostering conscious discipline among students in the process of implementing additional general development dance education program “School of modern dance “Edelweiss”»

УДК 37 ББК 74.200.5

N.P. Filatova

The activity of the school of modern dance “Edelweiss” is represented by three workshops:  “Choreographic art”, “Modern dance”, “Children’s pop dance” and is aimed at achieving personal, metasubject, substantive results. The article presents the criteria and a set of methods for the study of the level of adoption of conscious discipline of students in the implementation of additional general development program on choreography “School of modern dance “Edelweiss”.

Keywords: school of modern dance, choreography classes, additional education, personal results, discipline, conscious discipline, fostering of conscious discipline, additional general development program.

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National and foreign experience of ensuring the safety of the educational environment

UDC 340 BBK 67.5

Z. Sidorova

The article is devoted to theoretical study of the issue of security of the educational environment using various methods and tools. The article presents a classification of such methods and tools. There are examples of informational, economic, criminological, psychological, hygienic, technical, legal methods. The instruments of security of the educational environment are a safety briefing, training employees of educational organizations to act in dangerous situations, the special assessment of working conditions, attestation (certification) of educational organizations and other. Special attention is paid to foreign experience of using various tools of security of the educational environment.

Keywords: public administration, complex security of education, young people, students, educational environment.

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Innovative approach in the system of foreign language education

UDC 372.881.111.1 BBK 74.268.19

Z. I. Trubina

Scientific and technological progress creates a new social order for educational institutions. The society needs the professionals who are constantly evolving in their professional field and are able to transform the received knowledge and find creative solutions to problems. The originality of the thinking processes is an essential characteristic of a modern specialist. Therefore the problem of creative thinking development is determined by the particularities of the innovative approach in the educational system. Foreign languages have the potential for the use of innovative teaching methods and contribute to the process of formation of students’ creative thinking.

Keywords: creative thinking, foreign languages, innovative methods

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