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Organizational-pedagogical conditions of readiness of teachers in rural schools of Kyrgyzstan to implement the state educational standards of new generation

UDK 372.853. (575.2)(043.3) BBK 74.04(3)

Kurmankulov Sh. Zh.

Joroev A. K.

The article presents important organizational and pedagogical conditions (necessary and sufficient), providing a stable reform of the secondary general education system in Kyrgyzstan. The author uses the competence-based approach to the consideration of pedagogical phenomena, reveals the specificity of both innovative activity and readiness of a rural school teacher. A brief review of the current state of secondary general education system in Kyrgyzstan is given.

Key words: innovation, new paradigm, educational standard, competence, concept, technology of education, educational base, educational environment, traditional lesson, factors.

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Autumn school “Сritical understanding of history – the strengthening of democracy” in Germany

UDK 373.24 BBK 74.58:73

Muryukina E. V.

The article presents the experience of participation of a Russian media pedagogue in the autumn school “Critical understanding of history – strengthening of democracy” organized by Moldova Institute Leipzig and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt). Participation in the autumn school allowed the author to realize a number of scientific interests: to identify current trends in the understanding of Holocaust issues by researchers from Germany, Colombia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia; to find out what media are used by teachers from different countries in the lessons on the Second world war; to expand knowledge and skills in understanding, interpreting historical facts of the Soviet past, including through the analysis of media content.

Key words: history, media content, textbooks, schoolchildren, historians.

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Criteria of literary development and levels of perception of art work by junior schoolchildren

UDK 82 (571.54) BBK 83.3 S 57

Sodnomov S. Ts.

The article discusses the criteria for literary development and the levels of perception of art work by children of primary school age at literary reading lessons in the Buryat language.

Key words: primary school, junior schoolchild, criteria for literary development in the Buryat language, levels of perception of a work of art.

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The problem of professional image as the object of scientific research

UDK 378.2 BBK 74.58 Ts 349

Tselykh M. P.

The paper analyzes different approaches to the interpretation of the concept of image. Various attitudes describing the phenomenon of image are discussed: substantial (interpretation of the term) and ontological (procedure) status, explaining the process of its formation. The need for the applied research is stressed in order to find tools and resources to construct a positive image of the social pedagogue /social worker in Russia.

Keywords: image, professional image, social pedagogue, social worker, imagology, social and pedagogical activity.

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On the improvement of the system of further education

UDK 35.08 BBK 74.40

V.A. Komkov

O.V. Kotlyarova

The paper presents the results of the research aimed at studying the educational needs of citizens of the Russian Federation living in the Vladimir region. The main hypothesis is focused on the need for the deformation of the system of further education. A set of measures aimed at the breakthrough development of the system of professional retraining and advanced training is presented as the rational solution of the problem.

Ключевые слова: further education, professional development, professional retraining, lifelong education.

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Additional education of children: legal problems and ways of their solution

UDK 374 BBK 74.200:587

Polichka N. P.

Two aspects of legal regulation of additional education of children in Russia are considered: state obligations and additional children education programs directivity.

The law enforcement practice of subordinate entities of the Federation activity and local governments on the organization of additional education of children is analyzed. The existing problems are formulated and the ways of their solution are offered.

Key words: additional education of children, state guarantees, additional children education programs directivity.

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The national media education methodology of the «perestroyka» period

UDK 37.013.43 BBK 74.03(2)

Muryukina  E.V.

The main changes with their significant impact on modern media education in Russia occurred during the years of “perestroika” are examined in the article. They allowed expanding the methodological foundations of media pedagogy. Such a methodological basis transformation was based on the existing objective prerequisites: practical results were often ahead of the theoretical foundations; the USSR’s withdrawal from isolation in relation to Western studies. The changes laid down in the period of “perestroika” became the basis for modern media education in our country.

Key words: reforms, history, theoretical foundations, methodologic, USSR, media education, «perestroika».

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Technology of using audiovisual media texts about school and university in media education: internet studies

UDK 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73

Mikhaleva G.V.

The article deals with the problem of using audiovisual media texts about schools and universities in internet studies.  Analysis of Russian and foreign practical experience in implementing audiovisual media texts shows that media education ought to develop students’ habits of skepticism towards online content based on critical analysis of audiovisual texts.

Keywords: media education, media text, university, school, internet, audiovisual text, website, online content, “viral” video, media project.

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The problem of formation of students’ inter-ethnic tolerance and the risks of modern media space

UDK 378.184 BBK 74.4

Chelysheva I.V.

The article discusses the risks of modern media space in the context of formation of inter-ethnic tolerance of modern youth. The author presents an analysis of the current socio-cultural situation in terms of using the possibilities of media education for the development of students’ inter-ethnic culture.

Keywords: inter-ethnic tolerance, students, media culture, media education, media text.

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Media educational possibilities of audiovisual mediatexts on school and student topics

UDC 004:[316.3:008] BBK 74.58:73 Ch 411

Chelysheva I.V.

The article discusses the media educational opportunities of audiovisual media texts on school and student topics. To this end, the article presents a review of scientific publications on the problem under study, the results of scientific papers on the methods and technology of media education. The analysis was based on the scientific works of Bazalgette, A. Silverblatt, U. Eco backed by the key concepts of media education: media agencies, media / mediatext categories, media technologies, media languages, media representations, media audiences.

The study presents practical aspects of organization of media education classes including literary-analytical, imitation-creative, theatrical-role-playing creative tasks on the material of audiovisual media texts on subjects of school and university.

Keywords: hermeneutic analysis, audiovisual media text, methods and technology of media education, students, schoolchildren.

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