Verkhovykh Irina Aleksandrovna


Place of work: Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “Moscow Polytechnic University”, Moscow, Russia

Jobtitle: Associate Professor of the Department “Humanities”

Academic degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Academic status: Associate Professor

Postgraduate specialty:  10.02.05 – Russian literature

Areas of scientific interest: Linguistics. Literature.

The most significant publications:

  1. Verkhovykh I. A. Linguistic analysis of the use of language techniques in the advertising texts of the beginning of the two thousandth years and today / IA Verkhovykh // Scientific journal “Modern linguistic and methodological and didactic research.” – 2017. – vol. 2 (34). – pp. 29-39.
  2. Verkhovykh I. A., Shurygina I. L. “Automotive Terminology Dictionary”: linguistic aspects of terminology // Proceedings of higher educational institutions. Problems of printing and publishing. 2017. №5. Pp. 52-57.
  3. Verkhovykh I. A. The Problem of TIME in Osip Dymov’s “Heritage” story // Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. M., 2015. – № 4. Pp.59-66.
  4. Verkhovykh I. A. The essay “Green Frog” by Nikolai Nikandrov: anti-utopian parody or projected reality of modern Russia? In the collection: Actual problems of history, philosophy and linguistics materials of the international scientific conference. 2017. Pp. 255-262.