Tselykh Marina Petrovna

E-mail: m.tselykh@mail.ru

Place of work: Rostov State University of Economics (RSUE)

Academic degree: Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy)

Academic status: Professor

Post: Professor of General Pedagogy Department

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission: 13.00.01 – General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education; 13.00.08 – Theory and methodology of vocational education

Important publications:

  1. Tselykh M. Issues of Modern Media Culture and Media Literacy Education in the Context of Anti-Russian Propaganda: Interpretations of Leading Ukrainian Scientists’ Works // Media Education. 2021. No 3. P. 575-585. – EDN QTTXKI.
  2. Tselykh M. P. Diagnostics in the history of social work of the USA // Vestnik Surgutskogo gosudarstvennogo pedagogicheskogo universiteta. 2021. № 2 (71). S. 189-196.