Smelova Alena Andreevna


Place of work: Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Academic degree: Candidate of Social Sciences

Post: Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Sociology

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  22.00.03 Economic Sociology and Demography

Research major: economic sociology of capitalism, social studies of finance, sociology of transnational processes and institutional changes, comparative studies of Russian and Chinese societies

 Important publications:

1. Smelova A.A. Social Practices of Child Feeding: Breast-Feeding as Social-Economic Problem// Theory of Practice of Social Development. 2018. №10. URL: (in Russian)

2. Smelova A.A. Social Practices of Child Feeding in the Era of Project Capitalism// Society: Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogy. 2018. №. 10. URL: Russian)