Shaumarov Said Sanatovich


Place of work: Tashkent institute of railway engineers, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Academic degree: Ph.D. in Engineering

Academic status:  Associate Professor

Post: Dean of the “Masters” department, associate professor of the department “Construction of buildings and industrial structures”

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  05.23.01 ‒ Building structures, buildings and structures

Scientific major: design of energy efficient buildings and structures, design of railway infrastructure facilities, development of energy-saving building materials.


Important publications:

  1. Shaumarov S.S. Оn the issue of increasing energetic efficiency of buildings in railway transport / VIII International Conference “Transport Problems –  2016”/   Katowice, Poland. p. 522-532.
  2. Shaumarov S.S. Information and technical diagnostics of technical condition of operated buildings // II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Economics and Law: Formation, Development, Transformation” / Rostov. 2017. P. 204-208.
  3. Shaumarov S. S., Adilkhodzhaev A. I. The issue of improving the energy efficiency of buildings in railway transport // Modern problems of the transport complex of Russia. FSBEI of HE “MSTU named after V. Nosov” Volume 8. No.1. 2018. 4-11.
  4. Shaumarov S. S. Modeling the process of formation of the temperature field of the external fencing of buildings on the railway transport // Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Bryansk State University. №1. P. 338-346.
  5. Shaumarov S. S., Adylhodzayev A. I.  The issue of thermal renovation of infrastructure of railway transport is evaluated // X  International Scientific Conference “Transport Problems – 2018”/  Wisla, Katowice, Poland. P. 13-18.