Rozhkov Igor Vladimirovich


Place of work: Belarusian State Academy of Aviation, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Degree, academic title: Master of Technical Sciences, an applicant for a degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences

Position: Senior lecturer at the Department of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Combat Control

Specialty in the Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers: 20.02.14 – Armament and military equipment. Complexes and systems for military purposes 

The main directions of scientific research: Research in the field of synthesis of invariant angular stabilization contours and automatic control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles

The most important publications:

  1. Rozhkov I. V. Synthesis of control laws of the automatic flight control system of an unmanned aerial vehicle by the modal method / I. V. Rozhkov // Actual problems of aviation science and technology: a collection of abstracts of the I International. youth scientific tech. Conf., Minsk, 20-21 Apr. 2011 / ed. VA RB. Minsk, 2011. p. 183.
  2. Rozhkov I. V. Mathematical model of the spatial motion of an unmanned aerial vehicle / I. V. Rozhkov // Actual problems of science and technology in the field of aviation: a collection of abstracts of the reports of the II Intern. youth scientific tech. Conf., Minsk, 19-20 Apr. 2012 / ed. VA RB. Minsk, 2012. p. 177.
  3. Malkin V. A. Synthesis of a robust system of angular stabilization of an unmanned aerial vehicle / V. A. Malkin, I. V. Rozhkov // Modern problems and perspective directions of development of aviation complexes and military systems: a collection of abstracts of reports of the All-Russian scientific-practical. Conf., Voronezh, 22-23 Nov. 2011 / ed. VAIU. Voronezh, 2011. p. 210.
  4. Justification and selection of the structure of the flight-navigation complex of a small-sized unmanned aerial vehicle: report on research and development activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, A. N. Paltsev, Yu. V. Gridnev, I. V. Rozhkov [et al.] Minsk, 2011. 20 p. №20114444.
  5. Transformation of a mathematical model of a UAV spatial motion for solving problems of analysis and synthesis of stabilization and control circuits / V. А. Malkin, I. V. Rozhkov // Bulletin of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus. №4. Minsk, 2018.  p. 46-55.