Rebikov Valery Borisovich


Place of work:  Saint-Petersburg State University. Russia

Academic degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate professor

Jobtitle: Associate professor. Chair of German Philology

Areas of scientific interest: Use of Coumputer Technologies in Foreign Languages Teaching, Russian book printing in Germany in the first third of the 20th century.

Postgraduate specialty: 10.02.04. – Germanic languages

The most significant publications:

1. Rebikov V. B. Prepodavanie nemeckogo jazyka s ispol’zovaniem Moodle. // Materialy IX Nauchno-prakticheskoj konferencii «Dopolnitel’nye obrazovatel’nye programmy po inostrannym jazykam» 18-20 janvarja 2009 g. Sankt-Peterburg, 2009. p. 159, 137-152. (in Russ.)

2. Rebikov V. B. Ispol’zovanie uchebnoj platformy Moodle v prepodavanii nemeckogo jazyka kak special’nosti. — Mul’timedijnye sredstva v prepodavanii filologicheskih disciplin. // Materialy sekcii XLI Mezhdunarodnoj filologicheskoj konferencii. SPb.: Filologicheskij fak-t SPbGU, 2012. p. 3-8. (in Russ.)