Molokova Olga Aleksandrovna


Place of work: Irkutsk branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, Irkutsk, Russia

Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

Position: Associate Professor of the Center for Additional Professional Education

Specialty on the Nomenclature of specialties of scientists (HAC code): 03.03.01 – physiology

Main research areas: adaptation of students, support, person-centered approach

The most important publications:

1. Molokova O. A. Predictive model of students’ adaptation in the new educational environment in terms of person-centered approach / O. A. Molokova // Proceedings of the Irkutsk State University. – 2017. – T.22. – Pp. 55-66.

2. Molokova O. A. Theoretical prerequisites for using a person-centered approach to students support at the stage of adaptation in the new environment / O. A. Molokova // Psychological and pedagogical search. – 2018. – № 1. – Pр. 79-88.