Makarova Irina Vladimirovna


Place of work: State Autonomous Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education «Moscow Municipal Pedagogical University», Moscow, Russia

Post: Associate Professor of the French language and linguistics department of Institute of Foreign Languages

Scientific major: publishing discourse, text theory, Language teaching.

Important publications:

  1. History of the French language: theory and practice : textbook / L. G. Vikulova, S. A. Gerasimova, I.V. Makarova, V. A. Raikina [et al.]. – Moscow : Languages of the Peoples of the World, 2021. – 337 p. – ISBN 978-5-6046999-3-5.
  2. Makarova, I. V. The potential of modern electronic educational services in the study of native and foreign languages (the experience of France) / I. V. Makarova // Romance notebooks: Romania as a civilizational concept: A collection of scientific articles / ed. by L.G. Vikulova. – Moscow : Languages Of The Peoples Of The World, 2022. – Pp. 189–198.