Maiorov Nikolai Nikolaevich


Place of work: Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Academic status:  Associate Professor

Post: Director of the Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation and Systems,

Associate Professor of the Department of System Analysis and Logistics SUAI

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):05.13.12 Design Automation Systems

Scientific major: theory of transport processes, simulation of transport systems and processes, intelligent transport systems

Important publications:

  1. Maiorov, N.N. Improvement of the quality of the sea passenger terminal based on methods of forecasting / N.N. Maiorov, V.A. Fetisov // Naše more (Our Sea). 2018. Vol 65. No 3. pp. 135-140.
  2. Maiorov, N.N. Research of Marine Ferry Systems Based on Discretization pf Processes and Simulation Ferry Market Based on CIRCOS Intensity Graph/ N.N. Maiorov, V.A. Fetisov, Srećko Krile // Naše more (Our Sea). 2020. Vol 67. No 1. pp. 45-52.