Hmarskij Petr Aleksandrovich


Place of work: Educational establishment “Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus”, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Academic degree: Candidate of Engineering Sciences

Post: associate Professor of the Department of aviation radio electronic systems

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission): 05-12-14 (Radiolocation and radio navigation)

Scientific major: aviation radio communication; radiolocation; radio navigation and methods of their operation

Important publications:

  1. Hmarskij P.A. (2013). Features of the algorithm unscented Kalman filter when observing objects in polar coordinates / P.A. Hmarskij, A.S. Solonar // Paper BGUIR. 2013. № 2 (72). Pp. 79-85. (In Russian).
  2. Hmarskij P.A. (2014). The impact of observation conditions on quality parameters of discrete Kalman filters with observation of rectangular coordinates / P.A. Hmarskij, A.S. Solonar // Appl. to Proc. of the NAS of RB (phys.-tech. sciences). 2014. №2. Pp. 102-109. (In Russian).
  3. Hmarskij P.A. (2014). Items designing of program complex of radar signals modeling / Hmarskij P.A., A.S. Solonar, S.N. Yarmolik, A.S. Khramenkov, A.A. Mikhalkovsky // Paper BGUIR. 2014. № 6 (84). Pp. 60-66. (In Russian).