Imambaeva Gaisha Ertaevna


Place of work: Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education «Ivanovo State University», Ivanovo, Russia

Academic degree: Doctor of Philology

Academic status:  Associate professor

Post: professor of Department of foreign philology

Specialty from nomenclature of scientific specialties (Code of Higher Attestation Commission):  10.02.20 – comparative historical, typological and comparative linguistics, 10.02.02 – Kazakh language

Scientific major: Typological linguistics, linguistics, comparative historical linguistics, Kazakh language

Important publications:

  1. Amrenov, A., Abzuldinova, G., Albekova, A., Akosheva, M., Omarov, N., & Imambayeva, G. (2020). Zoomorphic model of metaphorization of zoological terms. Serie nouă, XXV(1), Cluj-Napoca, p. 81–89.
  2. Akhmetova, A., Imambayeva, G., & Csapó, B. (2020). 6th graders reading strategies and reading performances in English, Kazakh and Russian languages in the context of Kazakhstan. Paper presented online due to Covid-19 at the XX National Conference on Education, 5-7 November, 2020, Debrecen, Hungary. pp. 329-329. 1 p.
  3. Imambayeva, G., Shakhmetova, N. & Akhmetova, A. (2020). Kөrkem shyмаarma tilindegi yryқsyz eistiң functionaldyk sipaty // Bulletin of Toraighyrov University. [Philology Series], Vol. 3: 264-277. Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.
  4. Akhmetova, A., Imambayeva, G., & Shakhmetova, N. (2020). English proficiency reading skills at the age of 12 in Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan. Bulletin of Toraighyrov University. [Philology Series], Vol. 4: 45-53. Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.
  5. Akhmetova, A., Imambayeva, G., & Csapó, B. (2021). Development of reading skills and motivation in learning English as a function of young learners’ previous language background: Kazakhstani context. Eurasian Journal of Philology: Sceince and Education, 1(181): 152-161. Almaty. Kazakhstan.