Goryushkina Oksana Sergeevna

e-mail: gos.nuor@yandex.ru

Place of work: Novokuznetsk College (Technical School) of the Olympic Reserve, Novokuznetsk, Russia

Post: assistant director

Scientific major: General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education,Theory and Methodology of Vocational Education.

Important publications:

  1. Goryushkina O. S. Some possibilities for the formation of a person’s need for productivity in the structure of the functioning of the sports and educational environment of the school of Olympic reserve / O. S. Goryushkina, I.A. Gorbunova, T.V. Demidova. // Problems of the humanities and education in the modern world: Sat. Mater. All-Russian. scientific-practical confer. (Apr 6, 2019). Makhachkala: ALEF, 2019. S. 157–160.
  2. Nagaev G. N. Features of the refinement of the development model and productive formation of the personality of a student of the Olympic reserve / G.N. Nagaev, O.S. Goryushkina, I.I. Fatykhova // Modern trends and innovations in science and production: Mater. VIII Int. scientific-practical confer. (Mezhdurechensk, April 03-04, 2019). [Electronic resource] / FSBEI of HE “Kuzbass. state tech. un-t them. T. F. Gorbachev”; Editorial: T.N. Gvozdkova (editor-in-chief), E.V. Kuznetsov [and others]. Mezhdurechensk, 2019. P.336-1–336-6.