Brusnikin Pavel Mihajlovich


Place of study: Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia

Status: 3rd year postgraduate student

Place of work: Integration Center branch of Irkut Corporation, Moscow, Russia

Post: Category 3 engineer

Scientific major: Information-measuring and control systems; System analysis, control and data processing, avionics systems

Important publications:

  1. Titov A. G., Neretin E. S., Dudkin S. O., Brusnikin P. M. Design of onboard data server for the implementation as a part of onboard avionics equipment using concept of integrated modular avionics // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. – №1353. – 2019. – 9 p. DOI:1088/1742-6596/1353/1/012012
  2. Titov A. G. Developing the onboard data server for application as a part of radio-electronic equipment employing the concept of integrated modular avionics / A. G. Titov, E. S. Neretin, S. O. Dudkin, P. M. Brusnikin // Trudy MAI. – М.: MAI, 2019. – № 105. – Available at: