Ahmetova Aigul Bulatovna

E-mail: aigul0884@mail.ru

Place of study: University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary

Status: PhD Candidate

Scientific major: Reading skills, assessment, teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

Important publications:

  1. Akhmetova, A., & Csapó, B. (2018). Development of reading skills of 6th and 8th graders in English, Kazakh, and Russian from the perspective of young learners’ backgrounds in Pavlodar. Paper presented at XVIII. National Conference on Education, 8-10 November, 2018, Budapest, Hungary. pp. 363-363. , 1 p.
  2. Akhmetova, A., Imambayeva, G., & Shakhmetova, N. (2020). English proficiency reading skills at the age of 12 in Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan. Bulletin of Toraighyrov University. [Philology Series], Vol. 4: 45-53. Pavlodar, Kazakhstan https://doi.org/10.48081/XTTX2598
  3. Akhmetova, A., Imambayeva, G., & Csapó, B. (2021). Development of reading skills and motivation in learning English as a function of young learners’ previous language background: Kazakhstani context. Eurasian Journal of Philology: Sceince and Education, 1(181): 152-161. Almaty, Kazakhstan https://doi.org/10.26577/EJPh.2021.v181.i1.ph17