Motivation of personal and professional teacher’s self-development as a resource of implementation of general education FSCS

UDC 371.1 BBK 74.2

Kirdiankina S. V.

The implementation of Federal State Educational Standards into the system of general education is a key event of the 21st century. Obviously, the question of peopleware resource becomes especially actual. Until a teacher perceptibly changes, nothing essential will change in Russian education (in its educational results).

In the current article the question arises about the significance of teacher’s self-development in personal and professional aspects. An attempt was made to analyse problems of motivation of self-development of a teacher and methodological summarizing of accumulated experience in the light of meeting requirements FSES of general education.

Key words: FSES, self-development, motivation, management, reject, subjectiveness, scientific-methodological support, anthropogenesis, formgenesis, normgenesis, autopsychological competence, human ability

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